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Welcome to Kemijärvi

Kemijärvi is a small northern town, where the Arctic Circle runs along the peaceful lakeland of Lapland. Traffic jams do not reach here. In the open landscape, by the clear waters, happiness is a natural state of being. It reaches you unnoticed and brings a smile to your face.

We invite and welcome you to the village to experience the culture and set the table with the bounty of the wilderness. and after the day’s adventures are adventured, we’ll tuck you into bed in a place where the traffic noise won’t disturb!

Best at Kemijärvi

Experience a nightless night in Lapland’s Lake District

The blue sky reflects off the mirrored surface of the lake. At the end of the pier, you can dip your toes in the water and take a deep breath. There’s no rush: there’s light all around the clock and soon the fish will feed again. While you wait, you can seek new perspectives: paddle a canoe into the middle of the lake or climb to the top of the fells, where the only scent is fresh, clean air. A picnic is a toast to the sun that never sets!

Take a dip in the lake!

The absolute attraction of Kemijärvi in summer is the lake itself with its sandy beaches. You’re less likely to sweat on these shores, but that’s not what you’re looking for here. Here you’ll find peace and quiet, peace of mind and juicy catches of fish!

Get out into the countryside to admire the views!

Go on a day trip into nature. Kemijärvi has several nature trails and lookout points with stunning scenery along the way. Visit the Kotavaara observation tower or the sacred Ämmänvaara. They are absolute musts for lovers of ghostly landscapes. Try the Käsmänkönkä nature trail, the Juuvaara hiking trail or the Pöylilövaara hiking and mountain bike trail in the Kemijärvi city centre area.

Suomu, on the Arctic Circle border, welcomes you!

Situated on the border of the Arctic Circle, Suomu invites you to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities all year round. In winter, Suomu’s wind-protected slopes offer a wide range of options for skiers and boarders. In winter, famous alpine skiers can also be seen on the slopes training and competing in ski races. During the snow-free season, marked hiking trails or the new mountain bike trail invite you to enjoy the silence of the forest and the midnight sun. The autumn in Finland is crowned by the Northern Lights, which can be admired in late August, far from the city lights, if conditions are right.

Visit the happy villages

Kemijärvi Onnenkylät are all located on the waterfront of Lapland’s Lake District. Happy villages each have their own special features and idyllic characteristics, which can best be experienced by visiting them.

Enjoy at Kemijärvi

What's happening

Families’ Day event for families with children

Introducing services, activities and activities for families with children, children and young people in Kemijärvi! 10-13.

Families’ Day event for families with children